Going back to school in 2020 will be different than any other year! While some schools are delaying the start and opening 5 days a week, others will start on time or two weeks later with a hybrid schedule. Some parents will choose virtual learning. 

Typically,  it’s easy for parents to let wellness take a backseat when they are in full back-to-school preparation mode.  However, this year is like no other, and wellness is on the minds of parents as they prepare for a new year. Here are a few of my favorite products that are designed to put any student—or parent—in the right state of mind and help support wellness with school right around the corner.

GeneYusYou already know your kid is a genius, but who doesn’t love an extra boost? GeneYus essential oil blend is a sweet mix of Spearmint, Peppermint, Tangerine, and other essential oils that are great for young minds. While they’re focusing on projects, equations, or reading, you can:

  • Diffuse GeneYus on your way to school with the help of this Car Vent Diffuser.
  • Apply it to your child’s wrists or back of their neck before school to help give them an edge.


Feather the Owl Diffuser: New subjects, new grades, and school being extremely different this year it can be overwhelming. Introduce a new best friend to your home with Feather the Owl! This custom-designed diffuser has a wide variety of functions to be the perfect addition to your home!

  • Keep Feather on a nightstand to act as a night-light while also diffusing a calming blend for a seamless nighttime routine!
  • Feather also has a white-noise option, which can help promote deeper, longer sleep.
  • Try a Back to School diffuser blend featuring OrangeRosemary, and Peppermint to help kick first day jitters!

NingXia Red® Singles: On average, children are eating about 19 teaspoons per day of sugar. That’s three times more than the recommended dose! Kick those sugary drinks in the morning and replace them with a NingXia Red Singles for a quick superfruit meal.


MightyVites™ Get ahead of the wellness game. Mightyvites are Made with Wolfberry powder, these easy-to-chew tablets are a quick way to get your kiddos the best nutrient-dense vitamins and minerals with breakfast or as a little boost with dinner after a long day.

  • MightyVites support a healthy immune system in a natural way. They are free of preservatives and synthetic flavors and colors, so you can be sure your kids are getting a whole-food multi-nutrient.
  • MightyVites are specifically designed for kids using nutrient-dense food-based superfruits, plants, and vegetables.


Thieves® Waterless Hand Purifier:    Kids get dirty at school and it is so important to have clean hands! Teach your kids about cleanliness before eating snacks or lunch with convenient and portable Thieves Hand Sanitizer.

  • Keep it in a front backpack pocket or lunch box to help kick germs to the curb.
  • Put it in the glove box of your car for quick application before or after school!  


Wolfberry Crisp Bars: Wolfberry Crisp Bars combine whole grains, fruits, nuts, and whey to give your kids the feeling of eating a sweet treat while still giving them a good dose of fiber, protein, and wholesome carbohydrates!

  • Sneak one in their lunchbox for a sweet, balanced treat!
  • Keep one in your glovebox for an after-school snack (for you or your kids)!
  • Switch up lunch and make our Fruity “Sushi” Roll with a Wolfberry Crisp Bar on the side!


Lavender Essential Oil: Create a peaceful setting with Lavender essential oil. Here are some tips and tricks to get the most out of your Lavender bottle!

  • Try adding 2-4 drops to a warm evening bath to help your child de-stress.
  • Put a few drops of Lavender on a pillowcase to create a calm and peaceful environment to support sleep.
  • Lavender can also be applied to the wrists or bottoms of the feet as part of a nightly routine!